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Welcome to the website of the alumni (M.S., Ph.D., and Direct Ph.D. graduates) of our department. The rigorous training helps graduates to compete and get well-placed in academia and industry at national and international levels.  The table below provides the information on the areas of interest and the program of alumni in the following 5 technical areas:

  • EWRE|Environmental and Water Resources Engineering

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Name Programme Thesis title Guide(s) Year of
Mr. Somasundaram V M.S. Biotic and Abiotic remediation of Chromium contaminated aquifers using various bacterial isolates Ligy Philip,
Murty B. S.
2010 EWRE
Dr. Pranab Kumar Ghosh Ph.D. Treatment of Pesticide bearing Wastewaters using Anaerobic Technology Ligy Philip 2003 EWRE
Dr. Akashdeep Singh Oberoi Ph.D. Biological treatment of wastewater contaminated with homocyclic and heterocyclic aromatic hydrocarbons discharged from Coal Ligy Philip 2017 EWRE
Dr. Anu Rachel Thomas Ph.D. Septage management through composting and understanding the fate of emerging contaminants during treatment Ligy Philip 2020 EWRE
Dr. Anupama S Ph.D. Removal Of Pharmaceutically Active Compounds From Treated Effluent Using Heterogeneous Photocatalysis Under Visible Light
Prof.T.Pradeep, Chemistry
2018 EWRE
Dr. Arya V Ph.D. Fate of emerging contaminants in different water and wastewater treatment systems Ligy Philip,
Murty B. S.
2017 EWRE
Dr. Aviraj Dutta Ph.D. Treatment of VOCs from paint industries using advanced oxidation and biofiltration. (GE award) Ligy Philip 2014 EWRE
Dr. C. Ramprasad Ph.D. Greywater treatment using horizontal, vertical, and hybrid flow constructed wetland Ligy Philip 2017 EWRE
Dr. G Madumathi Ph.D. Transport of Bacteria in Saturated and unsaturated Porous media Ligy Philip,
Murty B. S.
2018 EWRE
Dr. J. Senthil Nathan Ph.D. Removal of pesticides from drinking water using modified titania under UV, visible and solar radiation Ligy Philip 2011 EWRE
Dr. Jay Sing J Ph.D. Remediation of Cr(VI) contaminated site in Ranipet, Tamilnadu using biological systems. Ligy Philip,
Murty B. S.
2011 EWRE
Dr. Jerin Jose Ph.D. Pharmaceutical wastewater treatment using pulsed power plasma technology Ligy Philip EWRE
Dr. Krithika D Ph.D. Onsite household wastewater treatment systems for achieving zero liquid discharge Ligy Philip 2020 EWRE
Dr. Mathava Kumar S Ph.D. Bioremediation of Endosulfan contaminated soils. (Best thesis in Green Sciences/Biological systems) Ligy Philip 2006 EWRE
Dr. Narasamma Nippatlapalli Ph.D. Industrial Wastewater Treatment Using Electrochemical Techniques Ligy Philip EWRE
Dr. Naresh Kumar Sharma T Ph.D. Coke oven wastewater treatment using Biological reactors combined with Photocatalysis (Best thesis in Green Sciences/Biological systems ) Ligy Philip 2014 EWRE
Dr. P. Balasubramanian Ph.D. Treatment of volatile organic compounds emissions from pharmaceutical industries using Biotrickling filters Ligy Philip,
Murty B. S.
2012 EWRE
Dr. Priya V. Nair Ph.D. Development and performance evaluation of a Hybrid treatment system for the complete treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater Ligy Philip 2015 EWRE
Dr. R. Elangovan Ph.D. Biotransformation and Biosorption of Cr (VI) from industrial wastewaters Ligy Philip,
K.Chandraraj, Biotechnology
2009 EWRE
Dr. R. Ravi Ph.D. Treatment of Dichloromethane contaminated air using biofilter, biotrickling filter and rotating biological contactors Ligy Philip,
T.Swaminathan, Chemical Engineering
2014 EWRE
Dr. Raj kamal Singh Ph.D. Water Treatment Using Pulsed Power Technique (Best research Award) Ligy Philip,
Prof.R.Sarathi, Electrical Engineering
2017 EWRE
Dr. Rama Krishna K. Ph.D. Development of a bacterial consortium for the treatment of different groups of Pesticides. Ligy Philip 2009 EWRE
Dr. Shihabudheen M.M. Ph.D. Development and performance evaluation of various adsorbents for the removal of arsenic and fluoride from drinking wate Ligy Philip 2008 EWRE
Dr. T. Shashidar Ph.D. Development of a transport / biotransformation model for Chromium (VI) Ligy Philip,
Murty B. S.
2006 EWRE