Civil Engineering Association

IIT Madras

Civil Engineering Association

IIT Madras

Civil Engineering Association

IIT Madras

Civil Engineering Association

IIT Madras

About Us

Welcome to Civil Engeneering Association of IIT Madras.
Civil Engineering Association (CEA) is one of the largest students run organisations in India which is an amalgamation of students, scholars and faculty of Civil Engineering department, IIT Madras. Formed with the primary aim of exposing potential civil engineers to the challenges of the profession, CEA actively encourages the future engineers to celebrate the "joy of engineering". The association conducts workshops, professional events, sports events, along with social campaigns and lectures by great personalities to enhance the all-round development of students throughout the year. Along with the yearlong activities, CEA hosts annually a 3-day long CEA Fest which is a culmination of engineering competitions and workshops, serving as a launching platform for budding civil engineers from all over India.
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Our Team

Dr. Manu Santhanam
HoD Civil
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Dr. Surender Singh
Dr. Nikhil Bugalia

Team Nirmaan

The team Nirmaan is the group of individuals that operate at the elevated levels of CEA Organisation and have day-to-day responsibilities to manage and maintain the functions of work commitments, to achieve decent outcomes for CEA Activities.
Team responsibilities are Sending mails to Convenors & HOD for permissions, Interacting with PhD and PG students to get the details, Interacting with other teams to function the activities and to have effective working relationships.

V. Sai Dheeraj Chandra


Thurpu Pujitha


D & Sr

S. Surya


B. Chandana


Department & Student relations forms a bridge between the department, IITM Civil Engineering students and the participants of the fest from all over the country. D & Sr is a team that takes care of the publicity and outreach works of CEA.
Internal publicity : Publicizing events, workshops held during semester and during fest by sending mails, whatsapp messages to IITM Civil Engineering Students.
External publicity : Publicise and promote CEA events and workshops to non IITM students too by CAMPUS AMBASSADOR campaign.


The Events team works on improving BONDING and COMPETITIVE SPIRIT among the students by conducting various subjective events, sports and informal activities.The types of events conducted also help lots of young minds to stay connected with CEA.
Team responsibilities are planning interesting events to increase the zest for civil engineering among the students, making problem statements and organising the events effectively during the semester as well as during the fest.



Meghana Nasani



Amarnath Kundurthi


Chandu Challagonda


Individual commitment to a group effort makes the Facilites and requirements (FR) team. We provide all the essentials required to organise any event of CEA.

Team responsibilities:

● Booking of venues for CEA activities.
● Taking care of owzone and water supply.
● Maintaining the control room during fest.
● Printing the required banners.

S & Pr

Sponsorship and Public Relations represent CEA to the corporate world ensure that the relationship with our earlier sponsors as well as new sponsors are well maintained.

Team responsibilities:

● To get sponsors for conducting various CEA activities throughout the year like CEA events, CEA freshie nite, CEA fest.
● To get companies for conducting workshops and Collet articles for official CEA magazine 'Countour'.

Jhansi Ruttala


D & C

Lakshmi Narayana Siddani


Vishal Jatoth


Design and Creatives team helps to increase the Outreach and manage CEA Social media handles. It sets the ambience during various CEA events and the fest.
Team responsibilities are to come up with amazing posters, magazines, brochures and videos to publicise and let people know about CEA.


The vision of Finance team is optimization of expenditure and effective use of revenue. We are known for professionalism, documentation, accountability and transparency.

Team responsibilities:

● Estimating and allocating team budget for all events.
● Proper accounting and reimbursement of bills.
● Supervising Food stall setup during fest.
● Distribution of Prize Money.

Kalyan Arisetti







Quality management systems team is responsible for accounting of every activity taken place during CEA and maintains a track of all important documents.

Team responsibilities:

● To maintain uniformity among documents such as MoM’s across various teams of CEA.
● Timelines will be kept up to date and strictly followed by keeping a process sheet which keeps a track of works to be completed in the upcoming days.
● A document progress terminal is maintained to keep a track on the progress of documentation.

WebOps Team

WebOps team creats platform for representing our intiatives & events, ensuring a great interface between participants and CEA team.

Team responsibilities:

● To maintain of existing website of CEA
● Creating and Maintaining the online accounting system
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Sudhansh Anand




Our Location

IIT Madras:
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
IIT P.O. Chennai 600 036
Tamil Nadu, INDIA


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