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Welcome to the website of the alumni (M.S., Ph.D., and Direct Ph.D. graduates) of our department. The rigorous training helps graduates to compete and get well-placed in academia and industry at national and international levels.  The table below provides the information on the areas of interest and the program of alumni in the following 5 technical areas:

  • BTCM|Building Technology & Construction Management

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Name Programme Thesis title Guide(s) Year of
Mr. Abul Khalid M.S. A study on abrasion resistance of mortar overlays with different binders for various applications. Manu Santhanam 2015 BTCM
Ms. Anupadma R M.S. Study on weathering and structural characteristics of granite and sandstone monuments in Tamil Nadu
Prof. M S Mathews
2010 BTCM
Ms. Aswathy Rajendran M.S. Performance evaluation of polymer modified cement mortars at different exposure conditions Ravindra Gettu 2018 BTCM
Ms. Madhumitha Senthilvel M.S. Automated Construction Progress Monitoring using Range Imaging Koshy Varghese,
Prof. Ramesh Babu N
2018 BTCM
Mr. Manu K. Mohan M.S. Development of high-performance cementitious grouts for post-tensioned concrete systems Radhakrishna G. Pillai 2019 BTCM
Mr. Moghul Sirajuddin M.S. Plastic shrinkage cracking of concrete with mineral admixtures and it's mitigation Ravindra Gettu 2016 BTCM
Mr. Naveen Krishnan M.S. Field performance assessment and an attempt for electrochemical modelling of cathodic protection systems in reinforced concrete Radhakrishna G. Pillai 2021 BTCM
Ms. Nithya Nair V G M.S. Experimental Study of the Flow Behaviour of Superplasticized Pastes and Concretes with Limestone Calcined Clay Cement (LC3) Manu Santhanam,
Ravindra Gettu
2018 BTCM
Mr. Paul C Charlesraj V M.S. Lessons Learned Information System for Construction Organisations Satyanarayana K. N. 2000 BTCM
Mr. Pavankumar Tadepalli M.S. Decision framework for comparative evaluation of affordable mass housing construction technologies in India Sivakumar Palaniappan 2022 BTCM
Mr. Ranjith K Soman M.S. Automated monitoring of launching girder operations using wireless sensor network Benny Raphael,
Koshy Varghese
2016 BTCM
Ms. Ranjitha Rajagopal M.S. Assessment of stress-strain behavior of corroded rebars using digital image correlation Radhakrishna G. Pillai 2016 BTCM
Ms. Saarthak Surana M.S. Performance evaluation of curing compounds using strength and durability parameters of concrete Radhakrishna G. Pillai 2017 BTCM
Mr. Sanoop Prakasan M.S. Study of sustainability parameters related to cement production in India Ravindra Gettu,
Sivakumar Palaniappan
2019 BTCM
Mr. Santosh Kumar Vempati M.S. Governance of BIM Implementation in Construction Projects-A Framework based on Transaction Cost Economics Ashwin Mahalingam,
Koshy Varghese
2015 BTCM
Mr. Sooraj A.O. Nair M.S. Corrosion and mechanical characteristics of Quenched and Self-Tempered (QST) steel reinforcing bars used in concrete structures Radhakrishna G. Pillai 2017 BTCM
Dr. Jayachandran K Ph.D. Study on accelerated chloride threshold test for systems with corrosion inhibiting admixtures and corrosion rates of various steels in cement mortar Radhakrishna G. Pillai 2017 BTCM
Dr. Stefie J. Stephen Ph.D. Incorporation of time-dependent fracture behaviour in the design of fibre reinforced concrete elements Ravindra Gettu 2019 BTCM
Dr. Anusha S. Basavaraj Ph.D. Sustainability assessment of concrete systems: based on carbon footprint, energy consumed and durability Ravindra Gettu 2022 BTCM
Dr. Bahurudeen A Ph.D. Performance evaluation of sugarcane bagasse ash as a supplementary cementitious material for concrete Manu Santhanam 2015 BTCM
Dr. Bhaskar Sangoju Ph.D. Study of chloride induced corrosion of reinforcement steel in cracked concrete Ravindra Gettu,
Bharatkumar B H
2013 BTCM
Dr. DEBOPAM ROY Ph.D. Performance of Heritage Conservation Projects: A study of Project Management and Contractual Issues in India Satyanarayana K. N. ,
Arun Menon
2022 BTCM
Dr. Deepak Kamde Ph.D. Corrosion and bond characteristics of coated steel embedded in concrete, and their effect on the service life of reinforced concrete structures Radhakrishna G. Pillai 2020 BTCM
Dr. Dhanya B S Ph.D. Influence of supplementary cementitious materials on selected durability parameters of concrete Manu Santhanam 2015 BTCM
Dr. Dyana Joseline Ph.D. Electrochemical characterization and corrosion assessment of pretensioned concrete systems. Radhakrishna G. Pillai 2021 BTCM
Dr. Elson John Ph.D. Effect of temperature and cement characteristics on cement-superplasticizer interaction Ravindra Gettu 2014 BTCM
Dr. Fathima Suma M Ph.D. Influence of Specimen Size on Long Term Performance of Concrete in Sulphate Rich Environment Manu Santhanam 2022 BTCM
Dr. Geetha S Ph.D. Studies on pelletization and Hardening Processes on the Properties of Aggregates using Coal Bottom Ash Ramamurthy K. 2011 BTCM
Dr. Glory Joseph Ph.D. Influence of mixture composition on performance of cold-bonded fly ash aggregate concrete Ramamurthy K. 2009 BTCM
Dr. Hemalatha M S Ph.D. Quantitative evaluation of the influence of supplementary cementitious materials on the performance of cement mortar Manu Santhanam 2022 BTCM
Dr. Indu Siva Ranjani G Ph.D. Studies on preformed foam concrete made with synthetic foaming agents Ramamurthy K. 2011 BTCM
Dr. Jayasree Chakkamalayath Ph.D. Study of Cement-Superplasticizer Interaction and Its Implications for Concrete Performance. Ravindra Gettu 2009 BTCM
Dr. Mahesh Balasubramani Ph.D. Shaping of governance arrangements in megaprojects Ashwin Mahalingam,
Dr. Geert Dewulf, University of Twente
2020 BTCM
Dr. Manju G Nair Ph.D. Performance of profiled daylight collectors in light pipes for daylight enhancement Ramamurthy K.,
Dr. Ganesan A
2016 BTCM
Dr. Mohammed Haneefa Kolakkadan Ph.D. Performance Characterization of Concrete for Elevated Temperatures and Hot Sodium Exposure Applications in Nuclear Industry Manu Santhanam 2014 BTCM
Dr. Ms. Aparna Harichandran Ph.D. Sensor Placement and System Identification in Automated Modular Construction of Building structures Benny Raphael 2022 BTCM
Dr. Murugan Muthu Ph.D. Performance of concrete based water filtration system: Influence of reduced graphene oxide and accelerated carbonation Manu Santhanam 2017 BTCM
Dr. Prabha Mohandoss Ph.D. Assessment of transmission length and bond strength of pretensioned concrete systems using seven-wire strands Radhakrishna G. Pillai 2019 BTCM
Dr. Prakash Nanthagopalan Ph.D. Rational mixture design of self-compacting concrete Manu Santhanam 2009 BTCM
Dr. Priyadharshini Perumal Ph.D. Influence of Treatment Method on the Performance of Excavated Soil as Fine Aggregate in Mortar Ramamurthy K.,
Prof. Robinson R G
2018 BTCM
Dr. Rahul A V Ph.D. Development of cementitious materials for extrusion-based 3D printing Manu Santhanam,
Dr. Atul Narayan
2020 BTCM
Dr. Ramaswamy K P Ph.D. Durability of cement-based materials in aggressive acidic environments Manu Santhanam 2018 BTCM
Dr. Sakthivel T. Ph.D. Effect of the incorporation of slag, fly ash and limestone calcined clay on the compressive strength, elastic modulus and shrinkage of concrete Ravindra Gettu,
Radhakrishna G. Pillai
2019 BTCM
Dr. Siva M Ph.D. Development of synthetic and natural foaming agents and studying their performance in concrete Ramamurthy K.,
Prof. Dhamodharan R
2017 BTCM
Dr. Smitha Gopinath Ph.D. Development of fabric reinforced concrete for flexural strengthening of RC beams Ravindra Gettu,
Dr. Nagesh R Iyer
2017 BTCM
Dr. Sripriya Rengaraju Ph.D. Study on the electrochemical response from advanced steel- cementitious systems and chloride threshold estimation Radhakrishna G. Pillai 2019 BTCM
Dr. Sundar Rathnarajan Ph.D. Modelling Carbonation in Concretes with Fly Ash, Slag, or Limestone Calcined Clay and Corrosion Assessment of Embedded Steel Radhakrishna G. Pillai 2022 BTCM
Dr. Sunitha K Nayar Ph.D. Design of Fibre Reinforced Concrete Slabs-on-grade and Pavements Ravindra Gettu 2016 BTCM
Dr. Swathy Manohar Ph.D. A study on characterisation, deterioration mechanisms and protection of bricks and stones in historic structures Manu Santhanam 2020 BTCM
Dr. Uma Maheswari J Ph.D. Activity sequencing in construction projects Koshy Varghese 2006 BTCM
Dr. Vasugi V Ph.D. Investigations of parameters influencing the manufacture and properties of aggregates using coal pond ash Ramamurthy K. 2014 BTCM
Dr. Yuvaraj Dhandapani Ph.D. Composite Cements with Limestone Additions: Microstructure and Transport Properties Manu Santhanam 2020 BTCM