Welcome to the website of the research scholars (M.S., Ph.D., and Direct Ph.D. students) in our department. There are about 55+ M.S. and 326+ Ph.D. students. The rigorous training helps graduates to compete and get well-placed in academia and industry at national and international levels. The table below provides the information on the areas of interest and the program of scholars in the following 5 technical areas:

  • BTCM|Building Technology & Construction Management

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Name Programme Broad areas of interest Guide(s) Technical Area
Mr. Amit Prakash M.S. Automation in construction Benny Raphael BTCM
Ms. Ananya M.S. Cathodic Protection of Reinforced Concrete Systems Radhakrishna G. Pillai BTCM
Mr. Aniket Kumar Patel M.S. Concrete Technology, Heritage Structures and 3D Printing Manu Santhanam BTCM
Mr. Arpith Pradeep Kumar V V M.S. Nikhil Bugalia BTCM
Ms. Lakshmi Prabha E M.S. Building science, Thermal comfort Ramamurthy K. BTCM
Mr. MANAS BHADURY M.S. Fracture behaviour of Textile Reinforced Concrete Keerthana Kirupakaran BTCM
Ms. MONFRAULINE GOGOI M.S. Construction Management, Construction Contracts Claims and Management, Construction Planning and Control, Dispute Resolution Murali Jagannathan BTCM
Mr. Pritam Mondal M.S. IT in Construction, Digital Twin Modelling Ashwin Mahalingam BTCM
Mr. Ramesh B M.S. Historic Building Information Modeling (HBIM) Koshy Varghese,
Arun Menon
Mr. Shobhit maheshwari M.S. Building modelling Information implementation Ashwin Mahalingam BTCM
Mr. SIVAKUMAR.K.S M.S. Applying Machine learning techniques (Vision ,AR/VR,Text analytics) for cosntruction safety management Nikhil Bugalia,
Benny Raphael
Mr. Abhishek Patel Ph.D. 3D Concrete Printing Benny Raphael BTCM
Mr. Amit Jagdish Shriwas Ph.D. Labour Issue in Construction Sector Ashwin Mahalingam BTCM
Ms. Amritha John Ph.D. Infrastructure planning and management, Public Private partnerships, Stakeholder management Ashwin Mahalingam BTCM
Ms. Anupama V A Ph.D. Concrete technology, Conservation of Heritage Structures Manu Santhanam BTCM
Ms. Archana A P Ph.D. Day lighting, Heat transfer, Light-reflecting Materials, Optimization Benny Raphael BTCM
Ms. Asha B Ph.D. Sustainable materials for construction Manu Santhanam BTCM
Mr. Ashwani Kumar Jaiswal Ph.D. C&D Waste Quantification, Remote Sensing, Handheld Sensors, Supply Chain Management of C&D Waste Nikhil Bugalia BTCM
Ms. Cindrela Devi A Ph.D. Construction cost management Dr. K. Ananthanarayanan BTCM
Mr. DIPENDRA KUMAR DAS Ph.D. Aslam Kunhi Mohamed BTCM
Ms. Ganga A Warrier Ph.D. Sustainable construction, LCA, Uncertainty analysis Sivakumar Palaniappan BTCM
Manu Santhanam
Ms. Haritha C Ph.D. Sustainability and built environment, Energy and buildings Sivakumar Palaniappan BTCM
Mr. Kaushik Bhattacharjee Ph.D. Construction Safety, System Thinking, Governance Structure, Resilience Engineering Nikhil Bugalia,
Ashwin Mahalingam
Ms. Keerthi V T Ph.D. Corrosion in reinforced concrete structures Radhakrishna G. Pillai BTCM
Ms. Manjari T Ph.D. Lightweight Aggregates Ramamurthy K. BTCM
Ms. Manna Simon S Ph.D. Lean Culture Koshy Varghese,
Ms. Mansi Thakur Ph.D. Fundamental study of off-spec supplementary cementitious materials Manu Santhanam,
Aslam Kunhi Mohamed
Ms. Merin V Ph.D. Natural Ventilation Effectiveness Benny Raphael BTCM
Mr. Mohan Chandra P Ph.D. Sustainable Construction, IT in Construction Sivakumar Palaniappan BTCM
Mr. Nerswn Basumatary Ph.D. Experimental and Analytical investigations on fracture behaviour of Textile Reinforced Concrete (TRC) Keerthana Kirupakaran BTCM
Ms. Nilakanmani Manimaran Ph.D. Valorisation of Biomass ash, Sustainability of construction materials Piyush Chaunsali,
Manu Santhanam
Ms. Nithya Subramaniam Ph.D. Acoustics of listening environments, Climate responsive design, Sustainable Architecture Ramamurthy K. BTCM
Mr. Paul Shaji Ph.D. Transport mechanism in CSAB concrete Piyush Chaunsali BTCM
Mr. Prasad Selvam S R Ph.D. Mineral Admixture, Sustainable materials, Value Engineering Manu Santhanam BTCM
Mr. Ramakrishna S Ph.D. Durability of Textile Reinforced Concrete Composites Ravindra Gettu BTCM
Mr. Ramesh G Ph.D. Fiber reinforced polymer, Non-destructive testing, reinforced concrete durability Manu Santhanam BTCM
Ms. Reesha Bharath K Ph.D. Building Materials, Aerated concrete Ramamurthy K. BTCM
Mr. Sachin Paul Ph.D. Strain hardening cementitious composites Ravindra Gettu,
Dali Naidu Arnepalli
Ms. Sai Sri K.V.C Ph.D. Sustainability of construction materials and recycling of concrete fines Ravindra Gettu,
Piyush Chaunsali
Ms. Saranyadevi D Ph.D. Carbon dioxide sequestration, Assessment of CO2 uptake by cementitious materials, Supplementary cementitious materials Piyush Chaunsali BTCM
Mr. Shanmugaraj S Ph.D. Construction Automation and 3D printing Benny Raphael BTCM
Ms. Shefali Aggarwal Ph.D. Corrosion In Reinforced Concrete Structure Radhakrishna G. Pillai,
Aslam Kunhi Mohamed
Ms. Shreya Ojha Ph.D. Sustainable built environment, Building energy performance, Thermal comfort, Low energy cooling and ventilation system Ramamurthy K. BTCM
Ms. Shrikarpagam D Ph.D. Construction management towards sustainable urban built environment Ashwin Mahalingam BTCM
Mr. Shriram S Ph.D. Indoor air quality, ventilation, human physiology Ramamurthy K. BTCM
Ms. Sreelakshmi K M Ph.D. Innovative daylighting system using fiberoptics Ramamurthy K. BTCM
Ms. Sreelakshmi S Ph.D. Construction Management, BIM, Organizational change Ashwin Mahalingam BTCM
Ms. Sreelakshmi Srinivasan Ph.D. Corrosion in Prestressed Concrete Structures Radhakrishna G. Pillai,
Dr. Carmen Andrade Perdrix
Mr. Sundararaman Krishnamoorthi Ph.D. Construction Automation and Artificial Intelligence Benny Raphael BTCM
Ms. Sushree Kiran Samal Ph.D. Fracture of Fiber Reinforced Concrete Ravindra Gettu BTCM
Mr. Umesh Hule Ph.D. Studies on carbonation, Carbonation-induced corrosion in concrete, Service Life Radhakrishna G. Pillai BTCM
Mr. Velmurugan A Ph.D. Sustainable Construction and Occupational health Sivakumar Palaniappan,
Mr. Vimal Mohan Ph.D. Corrosion Studies on Galvanized Rebar Radhakrishna G. Pillai,
Dr. P. Srinivasan (SERC)
Mr. Vislavath Haripan Ph.D. Different applications of C&D waste in concrete, Rheology & microstructural analysis of concrete, 3D-Concrete printing, Properties and performance of concrete Ravindra Gettu,
Manu Santhanam
Ms. Bipina T V Direct Ph.D. Low CO2 cements, cement synthesis Piyush Chaunsali BTCM
Mr. Shubham Raj Direct Ph.D. Foam concrete, Waste utilization, Cements Ramamurthy K. BTCM