Subsurface Mechanics and Geo-Energy Laboratory

Institute of Eminence Research Initiative

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

About Us

To help India’s growing strides towards achieving the trifecta of energy security, economic growth, and environmental preservation, a Subsurface Mechanics and Geo-Energy Laboratory is established at IIT Madras. The laboratory aims to develop a fundamental understanding of the physical, and chemical interactions between pore-fluids, rock deformation, overburden pressure, and injected fluids. Through this knowledge, subsurface systems will be engineered to efficiently extract geo-energy while mitigating adverse environmental effects.


The laboratory envisions the creation of fundamental scientific knowledge, and technological solutions in geo-energy to sustainably address the energy demands of a rapidly industrializing world. The laboratory’s vision is to provide global intellectual leadership in the area of subsurface mechanics, and to serve as a focal point for the interactions between leading academic universities, and private corporations.


To conduct basic and applied scientific research, and develop technologies for

  •   Unconventional hydrocarbon extraction,
  •   CO2 geo-sequestration, and,
  •   Enhanced geothermal systems.