Opportunities for Postdoctoral Research


The postdoctoral opportunities are for early-career researchers at the TLC2 research initiative at IIT Madras. The scheme is open to all topics relevant to the initiative. The duration of the fellowship is for 12 months. More information about the overview of projects can be found on our website.

Available funding

The approximate value of total support for the candidate would be Indian Rupees 1,00,000 per month, which is equivalent to US$16,000 per year as of October 2021. The amount is sufficient to lead a comfortable life, even for a small family. Research costs directly linked for implementing the projects, will also be covered. More details can be asked by contacting us.


Applicants can be of any nationality. They must have completed all requirements to obtain a Ph.D. degree by 31st December 2021.

How to apply

By the deadline, all applications should be sent as a single pdf file to the following email address - btcmoffice@civil.iitm.ac.in. The application should include the following items –

  1. CV
  2. Selected best papers (preferably 3-5)
  3. A brief proposal relevant to themes of the initiative (word limit: 1000 words)

Important Dates

  1. Deadline for application – 30th November 2021.
  2. Discussion session with all applicants – 1st week of December 2021.
  3. Interviews - Mid-December 2021.
  4. Notification to the successful candidates – By 31st December 2021.
  5. Starting Date for Postdoctoral fellowship – March 2022.

General Information about IIT Madras

    Why IITM?

    International Visitors guide to IITM

    The guide has been developed keeping the international students in mind. Some of the information mentioned in the guide may not be directly applicable for post-doc candidates. More specific information can be sought by contacting us on the email address mentioned above.