The project has four main elements and the objectives under each element have been provided below.

Element 1 - Basic Scientific Research in waste processing

  1. Physico-chemical processing of waste for high-volume use in construction materials
  2. Sensor technology for automatic sorting and segregation of C&D waste
  3. Use of the processed waste in special concretes for 3D printing, precast products, and pavements
  4. To study mechanical and durability characteristics of low-carbon concrete systems, and develop service life models for such systems in various environmental conditions
  5. Sustainability indicators using life-cycle assessment for construction materials and construction processes

Element 2 - Applied Research leading to technology development

  1. 3D printing technology for reinforced concrete
  2. Lab-to-field implementation for low-carbon concretes
  3. Software and tool development to estimate service life for durability-based design
  4. Low-cost, ‘lighter’, ready-to-use analytical tools and dashboards to minimize waste from construction processes/practices

Element 3 – An Integrated Test-Bed for large-scale processes and visualization

  1. Physical recycling test-bed for automated screening and physicochemical processing of various waste materials
  2. Machine-learning based optimisation of the usage of recycled material in concrete
  3. Physical, AI-VR integrated testbed environment to identify optimal use of materials, simulate and optimize construction practices, and minimize carbon footprint
  4. Integrated simulation and game-based learning facility on management adoption strategies, organizational training, and specialty skill training on lean process

Element 4 - Organizational & policy research for large-scale technology adoption

  1. National maps on current/future availability of waste materials
  2. Strategies for modifying organizational work practices to increase the adoption of lean construction practices such as BIM
  3. Framework for leveraging the private sector participation across supply-chain of concrete materials during the life-cycle of construction projects
  4. Policy Notes for large-scale implementation of various waste utilization and reduction technologies