Undergraduate Courses
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CE 305: Transportation Engineering I (Core)
CE 306: Transportation Engineering II (Core)
CE 308: Computer Methods in Civil Engineering (Elective)
CE 493: Transport Project Planning and Evaluation (Elective)
CE 472: Computer Applications in Highway and Traffic Engg (Elective)
CE 221: Transportation Engineering Laboratory (Core)
CE 481: Infrastructure Seminar
Graduate Courses
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CE 6840: Traffic Flow Theory (Core)
CE 5810: Urban Transportation Planning (Core)
CE 5870: Traffic Engineering Laboratory (Core)
CE 5290: Transportation Network Analysis and Optimization (Elective)
CE 5390: Analytical Techniques in Transportation Engineering (Elective)
CE 7290: Advanced Transportation Network Analysis (Elective)
CE 471: Infrastructure Planning and Management (Elective)
CE 262: Intelligent Transportation Systems (Elective - Vanderbilt University)