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Welcome to the website of the alumni (M.S., Ph.D., and Direct Ph.D. graduates) of our department. The rigorous training helps graduates to compete and get well-placed in academia and industry at national and international levels.  The table below provides the information on the areas of interest and the program of alumni in the following 5 technical areas:

  • ST|Structural Engineering

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Name Programme Thesis title Guide(s) Year of
Ms. Payal K. Firodiya M.S. Evaluation of corrotion rates of reinforcing bars and assessment of diterioration of flexural capacity of road bridge grinders Amlan Kumar Sengupta 2013 STRU
Mr. Abishek A. M.S. Reliability Studies on RC Bridge Piers Considering Ultimate Limit State Nageswara Rao B. 2019 STRU
Mr. Asokan Adukadukam M.S. Modelling of masonry infill walls for nonlinear static analysis of buildings under seismic loads Amlan Kumar Sengupta 2006 STRU
Mr. Deepak Krishnan M. A. M.S. Investigations on strength and behaviour of simply supported unbonded post-tensioned beams Amlan Kumar Sengupta 2010 STRU
Ms. Harshada Ramesh Mote M.S. Satishkumar S. R. STRU
Ms. Harshada Ramesh Mote M.S. Satishkumar S. R. STRU
Mr. Jones Joju M.S. Influence of Panel Zone Design on Performance of Steel Special Moment Frame Buildings Rupen Goswami 2020 STRU
Mr. Rama Mohana Rao Perla M.S. Evaluation of the poisson's effect in reinforced concrete panels under biaxial tension-compression Amlan Kumar Sengupta 2007 STRU
Dr. Aysha Zeneeb Majeed Ph.D. Lateral Shear Strength Estimation of Rectangular RC Bridge Piers Rupen Goswami,
Murty C. V. R.
2017 STRU
Dr. Arun C. O. Ph.D. Stochastic Meshfree Method for Elasto- Plastic Damage Analysis Nageswara Rao B. 2010 STRU
Dr. Dhanya J Ph.D. Engineering Models for Earthquake Slip Field and Indo-Gangetic Basin Raghukanth S. T. G. 2019 STRU
Dr. Gnanasekaran Kaliyaperumal Ph.D. Seismic retrofit of reinforced concrete columns in building using concrete jacket Amlan Kumar Sengupta 2009 STRU
Dr. Komathi Murugan Ph.D. Seismic strengthening of shear-critical short columns in reinforced concrete buildings Amlan Kumar Sengupta 2018 STRU
Dr. M. Nithyadharan Ph.D. Behaviour of cold-formed steel wall panels under monotonic and cyclic in-plane shear loading Amlan Kumar Sengupta,
V. Kalyanaraman
2012 STRU
Dr. Milinda A. Mahajan Ph.D. Evaluation of shear strength and effective width of reinforced concrete exterior beam-column joints Amlan Kumar Sengupta,
Appa Rao G.
2010 STRU
Mr. Milinda Ashok Mahajan Ph.D. Evaluation of Shear Strength and Effective Width of Reinforced Concrete Exterior Beam-Column Joints Appa Rao G.,
Amlan Kumar Sengupta
2010 STRU
Dr. R. Munirami Reddy Ph.D. Sensitivity and Probabilistic Fracture Analysis Using Fractal Finite Element Method Nageswara Rao B. 2009 STRU
Dr. Rajeevan Bavukkatt Ph.D. Modelling the deformation characteristics of reinforced concrete panels under bi-axial tension-compression Amlan Kumar Sengupta 2009 STRU
Dr. Rajesh K. N. Ph.D. Coupled Meshfree and Fractal Finite Element Method for Fracture Mechanics and Unbounded Domain Problems Nageswara Rao B. 2010 STRU
Dr. Rajib Chowdhury Ph.D. High Dimensional Model Representation for Structural Reliability Analysis Nageswara Rao B.,
Meher Prasad A.
2008 STRU
Mr. SAGADEVAN R Ph.D. Studies on Structural Behaviour of Biaxial Voided Slab under Flexure and Punching Shear Nageswara Rao B. 2020 STRU
Dr. V. T. Badari Narayanan Ph.D. Seismic retrofit of reinforced concrete beams in buildings for sagging moment using concrete jacket Amlan Kumar Sengupta,
Satishkumar S. R.
2010 STRU
Dr. VISHWAJIT ANAND Direct Ph.D. Seismic soil-structure interaction response of inelastic structures Satishkumar S. R. 2021 STRU