Departmental Computer Facility (DCF)

The computer facilities available within the department are Civil Engineeringdistributed between the Departmental Computer Facility (DCF) and the various divisional computer facilities. The DCF supports computing and programming requirements of the students and Hardware and Software maintenance in the department. Also, LAN connectivity is being managed. The DCF is housed in a large Air Conditioned and well furnished hall (BSB 108) and accommodates 60 Personal Computers powered by 25 KVA UPS with additional service and peripheral rooms. This facility is being utilized as an on-line class room for conducting computer based courses such as geographical information systems and building drawing etc.. Peripherals such as A3 Laser Printers, Scanners and Data Storage facilities are made available in the DCF for use by students and faculty. The list of Hardware available in the DCF is as follows:

  • Pentium IV Personal Computers 52 Systems
  • HP Scanner 8200
  • HP laser Jet 2300DN Printer & HP A3 Color Laser Jet 5550DN Printer

The list of Software available is as follows:

  • Visual Studio 6.0
  • Borland C++ 6.0
  • SAP 2000
  • STADD Pro 2006
  • AutoCAD Map
  • MSDN Academic Alliance
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Office