Dr. Indumathi M Nambi

Dr. Indumathi M Nambi
Phone: +91-44-22574289
Email: indunambi@iitm.ac.in

IITM Scholar profile page

  • Jan  2000 – July 2003, Postdoctoral Research Associate,

University of Illinois @Urbana Chamapaign, U.S.A.

Understanding bioremediation of petroleum and solvent                          contaminated aquifers using porescale micromodels.

  • December 1999, Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY

Dissertation: An Investigation of the Dissolution of  Non-aqueous Phase Liquids ( NAPL) in Heterogeneous Porous Media

NAPL refers to immiscible and slightlyt miscible liquids such as Petroleum and solvents

  • May 1993, M.E. in Environmental Engg.

Centre for Environmental Studies, Anna University,  India.

Thesis: Optimal Design of Industrial Waste Water Collection system

  • May 1991, B.E. in Civil Engineering

College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University, Madras, India.

Professional Experience
  • Professor, Environment and Water Resources Division, Department of Civil Engineering, IITMadras
  • Associate Professor and Head of the Lab, Environment and Water Resources Division, Department of Civil Engineering, IITMadras (Dec 2012 – Dec 2015)
  • Assistant Professor, Division of Water Resources & Environmental Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Madras (2005- 2012)
  • Consultant at M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, Madras (2004-2005)
  •  Post-doctoral Research Associate at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA (2000-2003)
  • Teaching Assistant / Research Assistant at Clarkson University, New York, USA (1994-2000)
  •  Design Engineer, Larsen and Toubro Inc., Chennai (1993-94)
Research Interests

Ground water – Contaminant fate and transport.

Remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater – Chromium,Petroleum compound pesticide & micro pollutants

Hazardous chemicals – Risk assessment and management

Water Treatment, Wastewater reuse, Solid waste managment

Industrial Waste Water Treatment – Electro plating, tannery and textile.

Environment Impact Assessment

Electro Chemical methods for contaminated water & Soil

Biogas from food waste .

Microfuel cells coupled waste water treatment & Chromium recovery.

Petro Chemical waste & waste water treatment

Removal of antibiotics & antimicrobial resistance in water system

Research topics:

  • Waste water reuse for irrigation and its impacts on environment
  •  Application of advanced oxidation and nanotechnology  for treatment of industrial waste and wastewater.
  • Developing sustainable solutions for improving water quality in Pallikaranai marsh land
    • Fate and transport of petroleum spills  and remediation of petroleum contamianted aquifers
    • Migration and entrapment of Mercury in ground water and remediation of contaminated aquifers.
    • Mitigation of pumping effects on saline water intrusion and upcoming in coastal aquifers
    • Development of innovative treatment technology for emerging pollutant
    • Microbial fuel cells and other electro chemical technology for waste water treatment and recovery
    • Anaerobic biosurfactant production for degradation of solvents in contaminated aquifers
Recent Publications
  1. AmbikaSelvaraj, Indumathi M Nambi, Optimized synthesis of Methanol-Assisted nZVI for Assessing Reactivity using Systematic Chemical Speciation Approach at neutral and alkaline conditions,  Journal of Water process Engineering, Elsevier (status – under review)
  2. AmbikaSelvaraj, Indumathi M Nambi, A Study on Chemical Speciation in Granular and Micro ZVI Mediated Cr(VI) Removal, Environmental Technology, Taylor and Francis (status – submitted) IF – 1.56
  3. AmbikaSelvaraj, Indumathi M Nambi, Synchronized heavy metal and organic compound removal using advanced Fenton process, Water Research, Elsevier (status -submitted) IF – 5.528
  4. Gangadharan, P., Nambi, I. M., &Senthilnathan, J. (2016). Heterocyclic Aminopyrazine-reduced graphene oxide coated carbon cloth electrode as an active bio-electrocatalyst for extracellular electron transfer in microbial fuel cell. RSC Advances. (under review)
  5. AmbikaSelvaraj, Indumathi M Nambi, SenthilnathanJeganathan (2016), Low temperature synthesis of CMC-Fe2+(-nZVI) hybrid for environmental applications, Chemical Engineering Journal, Chemical Engineering Journal, Volume 289, 1 April 2016, Pages 544-553.  IF – 4.321
  6. Ansaf V Karim, AmbikaSelvaraj, Indumathi M Nambi (2016), Performance Enhancement of Zero Valent Iron Based Systems Using Depassivators: Optimization and Kinetic Mechanisms, Water Research, Elsevier IF – 5.528
  7. AmbikaSelvaraj, Indumathi M Nambi, Devasena Sridhar (2016), Synthesis, Characterization and Performance of High Energy Ball Milled Meso-Scale Zero Valent Iron in Fenton Reaction, Journal of Environmental Management, Elsevier IF – 2.522
  8. Vasudevan, M., Suresh Kumar, G., and Nambi, I.M. (2016). Scenario-based modeling of mass transfer mechanisms at a petroleum contaminated field site-numerical implications. J. Env. Manage. 175, 9-19. DOI: 10.1016/j.jenvman.2016.03.009. ISSN: 0301-4797.
  9. OmkarGaonkar., G. Suresh Kumar., and I. M. Nambi. (2016). “Numerical Modelling on Fate and Transport of Coupled Adsorption and Biodegradation of Pesticides in an Unsaturated Porous Medium” (DOI: 10.1080/09715010.2016.1166073) ISH Journal of Hydraulic Engineering (Taylor and Francis Publications). Impact Factor- 0.111
  10. Mekala, C and Nambi, I.M (2016) “Transport of ammonium and nitrate in saturated porous media incorporating physio biotransformations and bioclogging ”, Bioremediation Journal, 20, No. 2, 117–132. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/10889868.2015.1113925
  11. Berlin M, Indumathi M Nambi, and Suresh Kumar G (2015). “Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Nitrogen Species Transport in Unsaturated Soil during Various Irrigation Patterns”. Sadhana, 40(8), 2429-2455.
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*Please note that the last names, Manivannan & Nambi refer to the same person.

Research and Consultancy
S.No Title Sponsor Value Period
1 Centre for Environmental Technology Dissemination, Demonstration and R&D for Industrial pollution.. TNPCB Rs.5,00,00,000/- 2013-2017
2 Accelerated Treatment of petroleum chemical sludge using coupled Physicochemical , Photochemical, Electrochemical and biological processes Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, MHRD & BPCL  Rs.97,00,000/- 2016-2018
 3 Evaluation of strategies or the environmental restoration of pallikaranai marsh  TFDX  Rs.5,00,000/- 2013-2014
 4 Re-use of waste water (Industry and Domestic) for irrigation in Kancheepuram Municipality  PWD  Rs.20,17,000/- 2012-2015
 5 The changing risks posed by petroleum hydrocarbons in groundwater environments: Multiphase fluid.  DST/Australia  Rs.39,26,000/- 2011-2014
 6 Bioremediation of petroleum contaminated site using bio surfactant producers  TNPCB  Rs.8,62,700/- 2011-2013
 7 Groundwater contamination by organic solvent spills an experimental investigation of the dissolution  DST  Rs.10,14,000/- 2007-2010
 8 Investigations on the performance of marine coastal collector well  LRAMP Lemelson foundation  Rs.2,28,000/- 2007-2008
 9 Up scaling and Parallel Application of Multiple Mass Transfer Correlations to Quantify … distribution IITM  New Faculty Fund  Rs.5,00,000/- 2005-2008


Sponsored Coordinated Project

S.No Title Sponsor Value Period
1 Sustainable water resources management of Chennai basin under changing climate and land use DST/ Germany Rs.47,13,800/- 2014-2016
2 Decentralized waste water management, benchmarking of public utilities and PPP MOUD Rs.2,00,27,000/- 2009-2014
3 Monitoring water quality in rural habitats of krishnagiri UNICEF Rs.5,55,240/- 2008-2009


Sponsored Projects – Research Scholars

S.No Title Sponsor Value Period
1 Enhanced electrochemical advanced oxidation of antibiotics on novel bi-functional rotating dual drum IIT Madras Innovation Rs.4,50,000/- 2015-2016
2 Waste water treatment coupled with resource and energy production using microbial fuel cell DST – WOS Rs.20,95,000/- 2014-2017
3 Recovery and removal of oil from petroleum contaminated wastewater/sludge using advanced oxidation UAY/DST/BPCL Rs.26,45,000/- 2016


Research Based Consultancy Projects

S.No Title  Industry Period
1 Development of pretreatment of dyeing effluents in Kancheepuram Kanchipuram Silk & Cotton Dyeing Waste Management Association 2016
2 Environmental site characterization at the Indian Oil Corporation lube plant and tondiarpet terminal Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. 2016
3 Identifying hotspots in environmental pollution Cholamandalam Ms General Insurance Co Ltd 2016-2017
4 Characterization of foundry sand for heavy metals and other parameters FLSmidth Pvt. Ltd. 2016
5 Monitoring of remediation project at Tondiarpet site Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. 2016-2018
6 Tannery CETP performance evaluation & improvisation Madhavaram CETP 2015-2017
7 Environmental site Characterization of oil spill site at tondiarpet Bharat petroleum corporation limited 2013-2018
8 Development of Pretreatment of dying effluents in kancheepuram T. Sundaravelu Mudaliar & Son 2016
9 Textile CETP performance Evaluations Karaiputhur Comman Effluent Treatment Pvt Ltd 2015
10 Evaluation of waste water characteristics and design of treatment plant SIDCO Industrial Estate 2014-2016
11 Treatability Studies for Hexavalent Chromium Bearing Leachate and run-off ERM India Pvt Ltd 2015
12 Site characterization Studies at Nagarjuna Agrichem Srikakulam Nagarjuna Agrichem Ltd 2014-2015
13 Sustainable irrigation using treated textile effluent Vardhman Textiles Limited., Punjab 2013-2014


14 Design Of Treatment Scheme For Pharmaceutical Industrial Estate Of SIDCO Tamil Nadu Small Industries Development Corporation Ltd., Chennai 2011-2012
15 Impact Of Groundwater Quality Due To Land Application Of Distillery Waste Amaravathi Cooperative Sugar Mills., Tamilnadu 2011
16 Evaluation Of Field Water Testing Kit TWAD Board, Chennai 2006

Consultancy Projects


S.No Title  Industry Period
1 ETP Sludge evaluation for incineration Rohini Textile Industry (p) Ltd 2015
2 Adaptive management plan for Pallikaranai Marsh land Care Earth Trust 2014-2015
3 Vetting Of Process Design For Water Treatment Plant At Udaipura L&T 2014
4 Sewerage network and waste water treatment facility for gayeshpur municipal town LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED 2014
5 Evaluation Of ETP At ITC Papermills, Badrachalam ITC Papu Boards And Speciality Papers Limited 2013
6 Analysis Of Steel mill Waste For Reuse Agri Steels Pvt Ltd Erode 2010
7 Evaluation of Existing treat system and design of treatment scheme for BHEL Ranipet wastewater BHEL,Ranipet 2010
8 Evaluating Suitability Of Iron Plant Waste For Reuse Agni Steels Private Ltd., Perundurai Tk Erode Dt 2008
9 Analysis Of Furance Wastes For Hazardous Heavy Metals AGNI STEELS (P) LTD., ERODE 2007
10 Testing and Certification of Field Water quality test kits TWAD Board,TN 2007
11 Periodic Evaluation of reuse of sludge from steel plants as construction material Agni Plants 2006-2010

Consultancy coordinated Projects

S.No Title  Industry Period
1 Development of Detailed Project Report for Construction and Demolition Waste Management in Chennai Corporation Corporation of Chennai 2015-2016
2 STP And Rain Water Conservation-Civil 7 Structural Design Vetting Aqua Designs India Pvt Ltd., Chennai 2013
3 Testing Soil Samples From Pudupakkam Quarry VA TECH WABAG LTD. Chennai 2010
4 Technology Validation Of Spent Pot Lining Utilization Processing Indus Smelters Ltd Raipur 2008-2009
5 Environmental Audit of Effluent Treatment Facilities Pioneer Textile Industry, Erode 2007
Student Guidance

Ph.D. Student Guidance – 6 completed 11 ongoing

M.Tech Guidance: 10 completed / 3 ongoing

Current M Tech Guidance

Srinivas Vijay – Synergistic remediation of heavy metal and phenol contaminated ground water using zerovalent iron

Chiranjeevi – Sustainable management of treated wastewater and sludge from IITM treatment plant

Pushpendra – Assessment of greenhouse gas emissions from wastewater treatment plants in Chennai

Current PhD. Student Guidance

  • S Ambika – Remediation of heavy metal contmainated sites using iron nano structured particles
  • C.Mekala – Ground water contamination due to reuse of wastewater for irrigation.
  • Omkar Gaonkar      – Transport and Transformation of pesticides in an unsaturated system of organically amended soils.
  • Praveena Gangadharan – Wastewater treatment coupled with resource recovery and energy production using microbial fuel cells.
  • Divyapriya Govindaraj – Development of modified electro-Fenton process for the removal of emerging contaminants from water and wastewater
  • Bokam Rajasekhar – Characterization and treatment of petroleum contaminated ground water.
  • Sharanya Sriram – Electrochemical remediation of aqueous and soil matrices contaminated with hexavalent chromium
  • Sahila Beegum – Integration Of Solute Transport And Water Flow Model For Unsaturated And Saturated Soil Zone
  • Anju Elizbath Peter – Characterization of air emissions from the open burning of municipal solid waste (MSW) and their impacts on air and water quality at the surrounding area
  • Ramya Srinivasan – Enhancing biofilm growth and its application in treating emerging      contaminants by electrochemical methods
  • Nitha Ayinippully Nalarajan – Capture Zone analysis in Groundwater

CE 3040 Environmental Engineering

CE 5150 Environmental Chemistry and Microbiology

CE 5170 Physico Chemical Processes in Water and Waste water Treatment

CE 5280 Hazardous Waste Management

CE 5240 Ground Water Engineering

CE 5270 Transport of Water and Waste water

CE 5120 Environmental Monitoring laboratory

CE 5130 Environmental Process Laboratory

CE 3200 Environmental laboratory

CE 1010 Introduction of Civil Engineering

CE 6015 Solid Waste Management

Continuing Education
  • Short term courses organised – 3
  • Workshop on treatment of sago waste water (May 2014)
  • Demonstration & demensation workshop for sago industries (August 2014)
  • Workshop on antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance in water systems – prevalence & impacts (March 2016)
  • Contaminated Site Assessment and Remediation for Pollution Control Board Engineers
  • Advanced Waste Water Treatment AICTE short term course
Details of State and central Government associated activities

Expert Committee member


  1. Ministry of Environment and Forests nominated           member of State Environmental Appraisal Committee for            assessing EIA reports and granting environmental clearance to            all Industry and construction projects
  2. Ministry of Textile – Expert committee member for            treatment of effluent  dyeing units
  3.      Central Pollution Control Board Technical Expert           Committee Member for Contaminated Site                         Remediation


  1. Chennai Corporation  Expert Committee   member for evaluating proposals and tender   documents for  Integrated Solid Waste   Management for Chennai City
  2.       5. Chennai Metro Water and Sewerage Board –  Expert committee member for Review of  Wastewater reuse for supply to Industries using   RO process
  3.           Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board Expert                    committee member for several initiatives
  4. Textile industry treatment
  5. Food waste Management
  6. Guidelines to mitigate Impact of Immersion of Idols on water bodies
  7. Guidelines for  construction block  manufacturing units
  8. Award Committee for selection of best district in term of Environmental management
  9. Environmental Training Institute programs
  10. State Department of Environment – Expert                      committee member for Comprehensive  restoration and management of Pallikarnanai  Marsh Land
  11. Board of Studies member Anna University ,  NIT Trichy