Dr. K. P. Sudheer

Dr. K. P. Sudheer
Phone: +91-44-22574288
Email: sudheer@iitm.ac.in

IITM Scholar profile page

  • B. Tech: Kerala Agricultural University, 1991
  • M. Tech: Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, 1994
  • Ph D.: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, 2000
Professional Experience
·        Scientist, National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee (November 1996 to December 2002)
·        Visiting Faculty, Dept. of Civil Engineering, IIT Kanpur (January to May 2003)
·        Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, IIT Madras (May 2003 to March 2009)
·         Associate Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, IIT Madras (March 2009 to July 2013)
·         Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, IIT Madras (July 2013 to till date)
·         Visiting Faculty, University of Arkansas, USA: (Feb to July 2005)
·         Visiting Research Scientist, Purdue University, USA: (May to July 2007)
·         Visiting Research Scientist, Purdue University, USA: (May to July 2008)
·         Visiting Research Scientist, Purdue University, USA: (June 2009)
·         Visiting Research Scientist, University of Kiel, Germany (May to June 2010)
.     International Faculty, Erasmus Mundus Ecohydrology, University Algarve, Faro, Portugal (May to June 2011)
.     Visiting Research Scientist, Purdue University, USA: (May to July 2012)
.     Adjunct Professor, Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA (January 2015 – till date)
Research Interests
Hydrologic Modelling, Stochastic Hydrology, Hydrological forecasting
·         Predictions in Ungauged Basins, Uncertainty Analysis, Sensitivity Analysis
·         Irrigation Water Management
·         Application of ANN and Fuzzy systems to Hydrology and Water Resources
·         Knowledge Extraction from and Knowledge Embedding in Soft Computing based Models


Recent Publications
Refereed International Journals
Refereed National Journals
Research Reports
5 Chapters in Book
Research and Consultancy
    • “Investigating the Potential of Neuro-Fuzzy Computing Technique in Hydrologic Time Series Modelling”, (INR 2.30 Lakhs, IIT Madras Seed Money – Completed). [2003-2006] 
    • “Flood forecasting in a spatio-temporal framework”, (INR 3.24 Lakhs, Department of Science and  Technology, Govt. of India, New Delhi) [completed, 2005-2009]
    • “Application of Artificial Neural Network for Ungauged Catchment’s Flood Prediction”,        (US $ 6850, International Foundation for Science, Sweden) [completed, 2005-2009]
    • “Spatio-temporal Modeling of Ground Water Quality Using Artificial Neural Network”, (INR 13.40 Lakhs, Indian National Committee on Hydrology, Ministry of Water Resources, Govt. of India, New Delhi, (Completed).
    • “Enhancement of Field Trials of Free-and-Open-Source GIS Software” (INR 56.50 Lakhs, Department of Rural Development, Govt. of India, New Delhi. (Ongoing).
    • “Improved River Flow Forecasts through Hybrid Intelligent Systems” (INR 10.03 Lakhs, Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, New Delhi – in review).
    • “Modernization of Thannermukkam Bund and Thottapilly Spillway in Kuttanadu Region” (INR 40.00 Lakhs, Ministry of Water Resources, Govt. of India). (Completed).
    • “Hydraulic Modelling studies for proposed bridge across Kosy River, Bihar” (INR 65.00 Lakhs, Govt. of Bihar). (Completed).
    • “Design of storm water drainage system for the proposed Test Track in Oragadam” (INR 10.00 Lakhs, RITES, Indian Railways). (Completed).
    • “Knowledge Extraction from ANN based hydrological models” (INR 7.90 Lakhs , Department of Science and Technology).
    • “Reuse of waste water (Industry and Domestic) for irrigation in kancheepuram Municipality” (INR 17.00 Lakhs, PWD Tamilnadu).
    • “Investigation on the Utilization of treated effluent for irrigation purpose” (INR 26.0 Lakhs, Vardhman Industries Ludhiyana).
    • “Climate change impact studies on the water resources of Madhya pradesh” (INR 12.20 Lakhs, Development Alternatives, New Delhi).
    • “Vetting of design note Dehani Lift Irrigation System Project” (INR 15.00 Lakhs, Shree Consultants, Maharashtra).
    • “Concurrent Evalution of flood protection measures in Kuttanadu” (INR 75.00 Lakhs, Irrigation Department, Govt. of Kerala).
    • “Modernization of storm water drainage system in operational areas of Chennai Airport ” (INR 85.00 Lakhs , Airport Authority of India).
    • “Sustainable Water Management of the Chennai basin” (INR 49.00 Lakhs, Indo-German Centre for Sustainability).
    • “Morphological Studies of Krishna and Tungabhadra River basins ” (INR 96.00 Lakhs, Ministry of Water Resources).
    • “Improvement of Groundwater Levels and Quality through enhanced water use efficiency in Eastern Indian Agriculture” (INR 3.00 Crores, Ministry of Information Technology (ITRA Grant)).
    • “A study on the impact of climate change on the water resources of all east flowing rivers between Pennar and Cauvery basin and rivers south of Cauvery basin” (INR 2.46 Crores, Ministry of Water Resources).
    • “Climate change impact assessment on the water resources of Cauvery river basin” (INR 2.11 Crores, Ministry of water Resources).
    • “Decentralised waste water treatment for urban cities “(INR 2.99 Crores, Ministry of Urban Development).
    • “Institution strenthening under dam repair and improvement project (DRIP)” (INR 4.50 Crores, Ministry of Water Resources).
Student Guidance
Current Ph.D Thesis Guidance
Name of the Student
Title of the Thesis/Topic
Vema Vamsi Krishna
Decision Support System for Watershed Management
Cicily Kurian Improved Flood Forecasting through Hydrologic Models
Sahila Beegam
Utilization of Treated Effluent for Irrigation
Lakshmi G
Addressing the computational requirement for uncertainty analysis of hydrologic models with the help of pseudo simulators
Jayaprathiga M
Hydrologic Model simulations:Assessment of uncertainty
Aruna Kumar Nayak
Improvement of Streamflow forecast accuracy and quantification of forecast uncertainty to make better decisions on reservoir operation
Rohith A. N. Impact of Climate change on Design of Urban drainage infrastructure
Smitha P. S.
Watershed Modelling and Drought Analysis (Co-Supervisor: Balaji Narasimhan)

 Ph D Thesis Completed

Name of the Student Title of the Thesis
P. C. Nayak
Improved river flow forecasts through hybrid intelligent systems (2008)
 Om Prakash
Adaptive multi-objective framework for dynamic flood control operation of multiple river-reservoir systems (Co-Supervisor: K Srinivasan) (2008)
 B.Soundharajan Irrigation water management under deficit conditions (2011)
 JacobChandapillai Equitable distribution of water supply: Development of low cost devices (2011)
 Roshan Karan Srivastav
Synthetic generation of seasonal and annual stream flow using soft computing techniques (Co-Supervisor: K Srinivasan) (2011)
Kasi Viswanathan Uncertainty analysis of artificial neural network based hydrological models(2014)
Athira. P. Predictions in ungauged basins: Issues related to calibration of hydrological models(2015)
T. Thomas Impact of climate change on the water resources availability at the catchment scale(2016)

IIT Madras

  • Suraface Water Hydrology
  • Simulation Modeling in Water Resources
  • Water Resources Engineering
  • Water Resources Project Planning and Design
  • Irrigation Technology
  • Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory
  • Hydro-systems Laboratory


  • Computational Methods for Engineers
Continuing Education
1.         Organized one short term course on “Computer Application in Water Resources” during 19-24 January 2004 for the field engineers of Public Works department, Govt. Of Tamilnadu.
2.         Organized an AICTE sponsored short term course on “Data Driven Modelling in Civil Engineering: Soft Computing Techniques” during 8-14 November 2004.
3.         Organized an AICTE sponsored short term course on “Modelling Approaches in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering” during 4-9 August 2008.
4.         Organized an AICTE sponsored short term course on “GIS and Remote Sensing Applications for Water Resources Assessment – using open source tools” during January 31 – February 5, 2011.
5.         Presented guest lecturers in various short term courses organized by different engineering colleges in India under QIP programme.