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Course Number(s) Course Name Course Syllabus
CE3520 Foundation Engineering
CE4010 Construction Project Management
CE1010 Introduction to Civil Engineering Profession
CE2020 Structural Analysis
CE2060 Geotechnical Engineering
CE2080 Surveying
CE2310 Mechanics of materials
CE2330 Civil Engineering Materials and Construction
CE3015 Highway Engineering
CE3025 Traffic Engineering
CE3050 Basic Structural Steel Design
CE3060 Basic design of reinforced concrete structures
CE3100 Structural engineering laboratory
CE3241 Approaches for Sustainable Infrastructure and Environmental Systems
CE3310 Advanced Structural Analysis
CE3320 Design of steel structural systems
CE3330 Computer Methods in Civil Engineering
CE3350 Geotechnical Engineering
CE3410 Construction Materials Laboratory
CE3510 Ground Improvement
CE3530 Introductory Rock Mechanics
CE4011 Introduction to Atmospheric and Climate Sciences
CE4111 Sustainable Technologies for Env. Systems Management
CE4310 Design of Concrete Structural Systems
CE4410 Structural Masonry
CE4510 Dynamics of Foundations
CE4520 Principles of Reinforced Soil Structures
ce4640 Analysis and Design for wind and earthquake effects
CE4670 Case studies in Structural Engineering
CE4901 Undergraduate Research - I
CE4902 Undergraduate Research - II
CE4903 Undergraduate Research - III
CE5010 Modern Construction Materials
CE5010W Introduction to Bridge Engineering
CE5011 Design of Masonry Structures
CE5012 Structural Fire Engineering
CE5013 Bituminous Technology
CE5014 Sustainable Construction
CE5015 Environmental Monitoring and Data Analysis
CE5016 Sustainability in River Basin Management
CE5017 Urban Transport and the Environment
CE5020 Construction Planning and Control
CE5020W Analysis of Bridges
CE5021 GIAN 151003L12 Megaproject Leadership and Governance- Capabilities for New infrastructure develop
CE5021W Dynamics of Bridges
CE5022 GIAN 151003L07 -Stakeholder Management for Large Engineering Projects
CE5022W Geotechnical Engineering, and Hydrology & Hydraulics of Bridges
CE5030W Design of Concrete Bridges
CE5031W Design of Steel Bridges
CE5032W Design of Bridge Foundations
CE5034W Design of Bearings, Joints and Ancillaries of Bridges
CE5040W Design Studio in Bridge Engineering
CE5041W Mini Project
CE5042W Materials and Construction Technologies in Bridge Engineering
CE5043 GIAN 151003L10 - Builing Resilient and Sustainable Roadway Infrastructure
CE5043W Maintenance, Assessment, Repair and Strengthening of Bridges
CE5044W Case Studies in Bridge Engineering
CE5070 Building Sciences Lab
CE5100 Construction Software Lab
CE5105 Environmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment
CE5110 Building Services
CE5115 Admixtures and Special Concretes
CE5120 Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Constructed Facilities
CE5130 Construction Quality and Safety Management
CE5160 Biological Proc. design for Wastewater Treatment
CE5180 Air Pollution and Control Engineering
CE5210 Transport of Water & waste water
CE5215 Concrete Pavement Technology
CE5225 Numerical techniques in civil engineering
CE5235 Understanding climate dynamics and its mysteries
CE5280 Hazardous Waste Management
CE5290 Transportation Network Analysis
CE5300 Applied Soil Mechanics-converted
CE5310 Advanced Soil Mechanics-converted
CE5320 Soil Dynamics-converted
CE5330 Advanced Foundation Eng-converted
CE5331 Metro system and engineering-converted
CE5332 Special Topics in Metro Engineering-converted
CE5335 Metro Internship
CE5338 Underground space technology
CE5340 FEM _ Constitutive Modelling in Geomech
CE5350 Geosynthetics _ Reinforced Soil Structures
CE5360 Soil Exploration _ Field Tests
CE5370 Geotechnics for infrastructure
CE5380 Structural Design Of Foundation
CE5390 Analytical Tech. in Transportation Engg
CE5430 Geotechnical Engg. Design Studio
CE5480 Water Resources Planning &mgmt
CE5500 Hydroinformatics Lab
CE5591 Pavement Preservation and Environmental Impact Assessment of Recycled Materials in Pavement Management
CE5610 Finite Element Analysis
CE5630 Advanced Theory and Design of Concrete Structures Finite Element Analysis
CE5660 Advanced design of metal structures
CE5680 Soil Structure Interaction Analysis
CE5690 Theory and Design of Plates and Shells
CE5831 Transportation Engg. Studio
CE5870 Infrastructure Planning and Management
CE5950 Characterization of Construction Materials
CE5970 Barrier Systems for Waste Containment
CE5971 Aerosol Science and Technology
CE6011 Smart buildings and automation
CE6012 Sustainability Engineering-Concepts and Applications
CE6013 River Engineering
CE6015 Solid waste management
CE6016 Global Business Management
CE6030 Construction economics and finance
CE6031 GIAN 161003C01 Hydroinformatics for Integrated Water Resources Management
CE6032 Nondestructive Testing & Evaluation of Pavements from Cradle to Grave
CE6033 Spatial Modelling and Analysis of Environmental Systems us
CE6034 Weather Radar and Hydrology
CE6040 Cement Chemistry
CE6050 Lean Construction Project Delivery
CE6051 Machine Learning
CE6070 Construction Project Modelling (1)
CE6110 Advanced Concrete Technology (1)
CE6215 Soil-Plant-Atmosphere continuum (1)
CE6320 Engg. Seismology and Hazard Assessment (1)
CE6330 Rock Engineering (1)
CE6350 Critical State Soil Mechanics (1)
CE6370 Comp.methods in Geotech engg
CE6420 Ground Improvement Techniques
CE6480 Contaminant Transport Modelling
CE6500 Unsteady Open channel Flow
CE6650 Structural Engineering seminar
CE6670 Structural Engineering Design Studio
CE6710 Bridge Engineering
CE6730 Structural optimization
CE6740 Advanced analysis and design for wind and earthquake effects
CE6750 CAD in Civil Engineering
CE6760 Structures for power plants
CE6780 Advanced mechanics of structures
CE6870 Transportation Systems Analysis
CE6999 Special Topics in Civil Engineering
CE7011 Advanced Transportation Network Analysis
CE7012 Computer Integrated Project Delivery
CE7013 Advanced Topics in Project Delivery Finance
CE7014 Structural safety of historical monuments
CE7015 Design of structures for ductility
CE7016 Nonlinear analysis of frame structures
CE7017 Advanced Traffic Flow Theory
CE7018 GIAN 151003 Advances in Seismic Hazard Analysis and Soil-Structure Interaction
CE7019 Gian 161003l07 Conceptual and structural design lightweight structures
CE7021 Gian 151003l11 Advanced bridge design and construction
CE7022 SEISMIC analysis and design of masonry structures
CE7023 Computations for historical masonry
CE7024 Rehabilitation of heritage structures
CE7025 SEISMIC risk assessment at urban scale
CE7120 Advanced topics in structural concrete
CE7200 Fracture mechanics of concrete
GN5001 Self-awareness
GN5010 Indian Aesthetics in Design
GN6001 Integral Karmayoga
ID5120 Urban Resilience
ID6090 Composite materials and manufacturing
ID7200 Design of frp composite structures
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